Whats up peers! Casey and I are just about to watch the upcoming SOA (Sons of Anarchy) episode on FX. They are now, since last episode, giving you a 90 minute special for the last 4 ones in season 5. 
This show is epic, it has everthing, I hope YOU watch it as well!
Time to watch it, good night guys <3

VIRCUS proudly presents loving comments;

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These are just a few comments that have been made by some of the most wonderful people out there, we love you guys and please keep commenting <3
Here's for you all!
Guys, we love you all and have a great Monday evening!

Disney for christmas

Whaddup lads, how are you all getting ready for the best season/holiday of all times? Well, I'd like to stick to Disney to get in the right mood. Disney really has it all! When you think about it, comparing it to what today brings, there is nothing that stands to meet what Lion King, Aladdin, The Hunchback of Notredame, etc etc and those were all made in the early 90's. Anyhow, Disney is really something that can make you feel happy, loved, and really put the spirits on the right side. 
My wunderful and amazing girlfriend Casey and I just finished watching the Lion King, the first one, made in 94, and wow it really gets better every single time I watch it. Now, were gonna watch the Aladdin movie, also the first one, made in 92. Besides all these factors bringing you closer to a happy season, all radio channels are helping you get in the right mood, especially 98.7, the rock-a-holics station
Goodnight guys, time for some cozy Disney stuff ;)
Here's a pic with Andreas Wijk that Victor and I took last fall at the Santa Monica Pier.


So we all know the movie SKYFALL is soon about to be released. Fittingly it was Adele that got the golden opportunity to sing the new Bond song; here it is:

Florence and the Machine

Guys, had to post this one cuz its opened by no one less than How I Met Your Mother star Marshall

Florence and the Machine

Good folks, how are you all doing?
I'm not doing too bad, just working dispatch for a few hours then home to my awesome girlfriend to watch at least a couple of Sons of Anarchy episodes. Click on the title for more info.
Also, thanks to my wonderful and most amazingly beautiful girlfriend (Casey's Collection), we will be going to see Florence and the Machine @ the Hollywood Bowl this upcoming monday; gonna be so freakin' good!
Below are some of the most popular songs and videos from Florenece and the Machine.
Thanks for it, you guys have a wonderful weekend! 


At this point I'm just gonna lay my head back and watch Sons of Anarchy with Casey and Kaylee. Sipping on my glass of wine pouring all the hours of studying and working right back in my face. Nah, it's all good. Anyhow, someday's are of course more difficult than others. Speaking of which, tomorrow, I'm waking up at 6 to be at school for a movie exam during the first three hours of class. Then, off to next class for which I have spent most of last week just preparing for this class exam. Western Civilization II, definitely a very interesting class going back to the time of Napoleon, the Medici family of Italy, the first Pope, and other goodies, but it's as time-requiring as it is interesting. Nevertheless, Victor's previous post about us all chillin' by the pool, yeah that's pretty much put behind, right now it's just hard work and studying.
On another piece, I did my first workout session today since last week of May. Yeah, I am out of shape, but - real fuckin' excited to get back into it. For my homecoming this winter, muscles will be showing and that's a promise.

Good night

Today's been one of those days you just, even though I'm atheist, thank god for. Another lazy day with plenty of coffee and some fun food cooking. Did though however work for 5 hours but which was also spent together with Casey, she's now also back in the office doing scanning while I was doing my regular dispatch shift.
Came home and found some friends just playing FIFA and it seriously amazed me cuz no one here, seriously no one, plays FIFA besides these amazing people. Why am I telling you this? Well, pretty much 50% of the time I spend with my true swedish pals is FIFA time so lets cred the americans for ones on that one :)
Anyhow, tomorrow awaits a huge world geography exam as well as another 3h class, then back home for another 5h of dispatching, hopefully Casey will come in and scan as I'm working. And the weekend will be just AWESOME; birthday weekend is coming up. Im turning 22 on Monday so I'm guessing a lot of dinners and partying. More on that later but here's a pic from Lake Tahoe.. goodnight <3

Wine bar

Just checking in on you guys, hope all's good. I just arrived back from a "wine meet" at a local wine bar here in Valencia owned by a friend of mine. It turned out to be an amazing evening with lots of wine, cheese and crackers but most importantly, all the good conversations with peers etc. That'll be my night-night call for yall. Now just keep in mind that we have just turned the ignition so our motors are weak and needs a lot of support, you know what I mean. Keep reading and please leave a comment or whatnot.
Much love!
FYI, picture is not taken at this particular hour.

Choice spoke YES

We (Marcus & Victor) have been two lazy slackers. The two of us have had plenty of other activities filling our days instead of blogging. However, one might dispute and ask "what better activity is there than blogging?", well, quite frankly; THERE ISN'T.
So, here we are and we are ready to step inside the blogosphere and rap this shit up. Deliveries are very much going to be up to date and per ush, this blog is primarily focusing on news-breaks, entertainment/media both video and still, as well as other stuff like personal bias etc etc..
Things have definitely changed in our lives, I'm not gonna blabber about anything in ultimate detail but to be short there have certainly been a few changes since we were last up and running. For one, I'm now at California State University Northridge, I just made my transfer from College of the Canyons were I got my AA in Liberal Arts and Sciences. For now I'll let that be all so I'm not completely giving it all up. SO; WE ARE BACK, and very excited about returning to your eyes and ears.


Team Sweden is still undefeated, winning their group and qualifying for the semi-finals right away. 17 games with this roster and no losses, so far. Team Finland started the junior worldcup by a big loss against Team Canada (8-1), but then picked up and won against Team USA as well as againt Team Czech Republic.
Semi-finals: Sweden - Finland
Sweden, beating Finland in the first played semi-final in Calgary, is playing either Russia or Canada in the World Junior Championship. GO SWEDEN!


Team Sweden is still undefeated, winning their group and qualifying for the semi-finals right away. 17 games with this roster and no losses, so far. Team Finland started the junior worldcup by a big loss against Team Canada (8-1), but then picked up and won against Team USA as well as againt Team Czech Republic.
Semi-finals: Sweden - Finland
  • 1st Period
18:29 FIN 9 Alexander Ruuttu (15 Miro Aaltonen, 16 Aleksander Barkov)
  • 2nd Period
TBA (not yet started)


Some of my closest followers have ordered me to do a tribute post about COUNTRY MUSIC, well, here you go.
When we think of Country Music we think "CMA's", and the names proven to reach it's hall of fame. Some of the first people proven themselves when it comes to country music are
  • Jimmie Rodgers
  • Ernest Tubb
  • Jim Denny
  • Uncle Dave Macon
  • Jim Reeves
  • Bill Monroe
  • Carter Family
  • Johnny Cash
  • Sons of the Pioneers
  • Duke of Paducah
  • Jack Stapp
  • Hank Thompson
  • Patsy Montana
  • Roger Miller
  • Brenda Lee
  • Dolly Parton
  • Elvis Presley
  • Kris Kristofferson
  • John Denver
  • George Strait
Some of the modern country music artists are names like
  • Tim Mcgraw
  • Taylor Swift
  • Toby Keith
  • Zack Brown Band
  • Kenny Chesney
  • Lady Antebellum
  • Keith Urban
  • Faith Hill
  • Jesse James
and many more..

Just a few of the most recent country hits around the world, "dig in deep boys",
BEER IS GOOD /country music


YAY for a wonderful new year's eve party with the closest ones, lots of great food, great people, good music, drinks and much more. Had a wonderful evening and the fireworks lighting up the sky, going from like 5p all the way through midnight was amazing. Not only did we today awake with LOTS of beautiful, white snow, but also waking up next to the one you truly love on the first day of the year, it's just amazing. Today, of course, besides all the left overs from my parents celebration of the new year, taking Casey out tonight for dinner and then seeing a movie.
Hope you all had a WONDERFUL new year's eve, I'm sure you had no where close to the fun we had, but hope you enjoyed. Anyways, here at VIRCUS - the new year is celebrated, throughout this upcoming, entire year, with constant blogging from both partners (me & Victor), and everything is being trippled - posts, pictures, videos, news, and all that good stuff.
It was said that this nightclub, in Belgrade, had the biggest, most entertaining New Year's Eve party, what do you think? I'm pretty positive our party last night well matched the quality of this one!

DEC, 21st

has also been a highly effective day, another one just filled with running around everywhere looking for more xmas gifts, this time with mother and brother Henric. I am very tired and kinda out of words atm but im sure there will be another post very soon. How's your day been?
Here's some red, for xmas <3

wanna dougie? it like these guys and the floor is yours ;)


DEC, 20th

just sitting next to my blog partner Victor in his room, drinking another cup of coffee, and about to come about to browse further for more pictures to upload here on VIRCUS. Today's been pretty effective with hanging out with mom and Victor almost all day. Had swedish pizza (kebab) for the first time since my arrival last week, and OH MY GOD how I've missed it. Unless you're at an italian restaurant, in Italy, a pizza would not be better than here in Sweden. Went downtown earlier for some coffee with Victor but also came about a new hairdryer and some other new-found ideas for more x-mas shopping.
and why not upload some fresh pics, and gifs ?

DEC, 17

Had a wonderful night last night with my boys and bros. What was your night like? Anyways, played some trivial pursuit with henric and joel, then went to Korianders nightclub to meet up with victor, and then charlie, jon, and robin. Tonight we're celebrating that I'm back so it'll most likely end up to be an ever better night than the last.


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