At this point I'm just gonna lay my head back and watch Sons of Anarchy with Casey and Kaylee. Sipping on my glass of wine pouring all the hours of studying and working right back in my face. Nah, it's all good. Anyhow, someday's are of course more difficult than others. Speaking of which, tomorrow, I'm waking up at 6 to be at school for a movie exam during the first three hours of class. Then, off to next class for which I have spent most of last week just preparing for this class exam. Western Civilization II, definitely a very interesting class going back to the time of Napoleon, the Medici family of Italy, the first Pope, and other goodies, but it's as time-requiring as it is interesting. Nevertheless, Victor's previous post about us all chillin' by the pool, yeah that's pretty much put behind, right now it's just hard work and studying.
On another piece, I did my first workout session today since last week of May. Yeah, I am out of shape, but - real fuckin' excited to get back into it. For my homecoming this winter, muscles will be showing and that's a promise.


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