Disney for christmas

Whaddup lads, how are you all getting ready for the best season/holiday of all times? Well, I'd like to stick to Disney to get in the right mood. Disney really has it all! When you think about it, comparing it to what today brings, there is nothing that stands to meet what Lion King, Aladdin, The Hunchback of Notredame, etc etc and those were all made in the early 90's. Anyhow, Disney is really something that can make you feel happy, loved, and really put the spirits on the right side. 
My wunderful and amazing girlfriend Casey and I just finished watching the Lion King, the first one, made in 94, and wow it really gets better every single time I watch it. Now, were gonna watch the Aladdin movie, also the first one, made in 92. Besides all these factors bringing you closer to a happy season, all radio channels are helping you get in the right mood, especially 98.7, the rock-a-holics station
Goodnight guys, time for some cozy Disney stuff ;)
Here's a pic with Andreas Wijk that Victor and I took last fall at the Santa Monica Pier.


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