YAY for a wonderful new year's eve party with the closest ones, lots of great food, great people, good music, drinks and much more. Had a wonderful evening and the fireworks lighting up the sky, going from like 5p all the way through midnight was amazing. Not only did we today awake with LOTS of beautiful, white snow, but also waking up next to the one you truly love on the first day of the year, it's just amazing. Today, of course, besides all the left overs from my parents celebration of the new year, taking Casey out tonight for dinner and then seeing a movie.
Hope you all had a WONDERFUL new year's eve, I'm sure you had no where close to the fun we had, but hope you enjoyed. Anyways, here at VIRCUS - the new year is celebrated, throughout this upcoming, entire year, with constant blogging from both partners (me & Victor), and everything is being trippled - posts, pictures, videos, news, and all that good stuff.
It was said that this nightclub, in Belgrade, had the biggest, most entertaining New Year's Eve party, what do you think? I'm pretty positive our party last night well matched the quality of this one!


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