Oh my, how I love being so freaking jet-lagged. It literally sucks. But gives me more time to blog and be creative in other ways, right?
I've notices we're getting more and more people commenting on out stuff, and THANK YOU, it's exactly what we need and want from you peers. Keep reading, keep peaking, keep commenting - WE LOVE IT
Not that many words in my fingers right now, kinda tired.. But here's another PICTURECLOUD <3
Goodnight LA - Goodmorning Kd




..is one of the most popular Swedish actors, by far. Except for his father, Stellan of course. Being one of the most prestigeous family when it comes to acting - I believe Alexander will go the furthest. Here's some of his work with a few pictures of him (for the ladies), I guess ;)



So, whilst being back in my hometown and country, there has not been anything more than just enjoyment, pleasure, and gratitude for finally being back. To recap what's happened so far, well except for jet-lagging pretty hard - I've been pretty occupied with hanging with friends and family, of course. But just simply being with them is exactly what I want and need, and whilst studying in the states, it's exactly what I miss - so, OBVIOUSLY, that comes first. There is just way to much to come and if you keep an eye on us here at VIRCUS, you'll experience a very merry christmas as well as A LOT of pictureclouds, newsbreaks, and much much more.
And remember, VIRCUS ent. loves you <3
Hope what-ever holidays you are experiencing is treatin' u well!
sry for all the "touching-my-face", but who cares... :)


Feels just indescribably amazing to finally be back home in Karlstad, Sweden. Didn't get one hour of sleep during the entire trip home, and then only 2h tonight, still I'm pretty awake and alert. You're probably gonna laugh out loud when you find out that me and mom are going to Ikea right now, how Swedish...
So, home I am, and there's way to much that's gonna go down. Seeing all my peers later today over coffee downtown, probably just spending the rest of the night with them and most likely picking up brother Henric from work tonight. There's too much to look forward to now once I'm finally back, but foremost to Casey coming a couple days after xmas, that'll be the highlight :)
Here;s some pics from San Fran. with Casey <3


Oh lord, it feels more than indescribably amazing to finally be done with fall semester and actually now being able to take a step closer to Christmas, and Sweden! Took and finished my last final yesterday, had 4 finals this week, 2 finals last week, and prior to as well as in between, just LOADS of studying. What a relief :)
So, Have said that, let the christmas begin :)
I'm now just at work for a couple of more hours, then going back home to start a game of Monopoly (finally), with some friends and probably finishing up the packing I started last night. Hope everyone's fully enjoying this weekend. And of course, since I never blogged last night, you can probably figure out why, I now have two Xmas gifts to hand out. When I'm done working they will be posted ;)


6, December.
Today's also been another good day with plenty of studying, preparing for the annual christmas party here at the Davids, made some pasta for nutrition then sushi for dinner. Now just sitting here about to study some more and then fall asleep to which-ever-movie seems fit for the night :)


..is a very big day for 50% of VIRCUS, it's Victor's birthday - wihoo!
This will be celebrated with not only another christmas gift but also pictureclouds from some of our most "eventful" happenings together.



Sitting in the cafeteria at school, while skyping with Victor and his family and watching them making safron-buns. That's exactly what I'm looking forward to, a true christmas is really the making of it. Dressing the christmas trees, baking gingerbread cookies, safron-buns, drinking spiced wine with raisins and almonds in it - there's really nothing better than Swedish christmas ;)


It's now not more than 5 days until I'm actually sitting on the flight homewards.
Sitting in school just finishing up finals, had one final today, one tomorrow, and then one on Thursday. That's it, then i'll be oficially done with fall 2011. God am I ready to just come back to winter-wonderland Sweden :)
  • Here's some xmas ideas for you - Click on the pictures! Merry 6th

  • In a good mood today, so why not another picturecloud <3


December, 4.
Today's been pretty productive to be honest with you, spent most of the day just surviving on the black beverage and doing christmas shopping. Pretty sure I got what I need atm, there are just a few more interesting presents to get before I can actually sit down and do the most fun part, wrapping. Last night, I made Swedish Meathballs for the Newhall Coffee House were they were sold with mashed potatoes, gravy, and of course, lingonberries. Made well over a hundred of them and we actually pretty much sold out, success - I say yes ;) Then back home for some mingle with friends and such.
In case you didn't notice, which I hope you didn't - I did not blog yesterday, a disgrace really. I was caught up with too much work and other stuff I just did never have the time, it's being made up for in today's posts of course :)
So, since no December 3rd christmas gift was given from my side of VIRCUS, YOU WILL GET TWO TODAY, WIIHOO :)
Merry December, 4 to you all.

Merry Christmas <3

December 2

Today's been pretty mellow with little to nothing productive done, until now. Working tonight from 5p-1a, yippie. No im not complaining, not at all. Afterall, fall semester is over next thursday, three finals will be taken and after that, a huge Christmas party on saturday and then leaving for Sweden, Gothenburg the day after, December 11th. So, hope your day's are nothing but just pure sunshine and happiness, love to you all!
Of course, it's day 2 of the famous VIRCUS X-mas calendar, so here's my gift to you today <3
5 very famous VS commercials, enjoy, and Merry Christmas <3

Good evening folks

Vircus has been sure to keep it's promises; especially that one of that posts are frequently and deliberately posted. So, henceforth, and since this is December 1st, for each and every day up until Christmas (dec 25th), both partners of Vircus will deliver a "gift/surprise post", amongst other posts such as pictureclouds, newsbreaks, and much more, of course.
This week has been pretty much dedicated to school, mostly, and other stuff like issues with the car, christmas-gifts browsing, etc.. It's now only 12 days until I step foot on Swedish soil again, and JESUS CHRIST it's going to wonderful seeing everyone again! Especially family and newly arrived family members of my sister's and her husband; Anton :)
The Victoria's secret fashion show was held yesterday evening, presenting a huge collection of new stuff, including several new angels. I know Victor and his obsession with these angels, has already posted a few posts just about this, and i'm sure you all just love it.
Since it's first day of christmas, here's my gift for December 1st.
  • Gift 1 - Midsummer pictures ;)
Merry Christmas <3


Basically only studied all day, started off with a couple hours at the coffee house but then finally got my stuff over with. Now we're all about to watch some harry potter. Other than that, good night yall <3


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some pics from the weekend, taken by my iPhone.


Yepp, it's been several things really. Delicious, filling, entertaining, and much more. Thanksgiving weekend is now pretty much over and what's better than starting the beginning of christmas with some large amounts of food and family as well as friends getting together.
So, been partying pretty much all weekend, also worked security for black-friday, some more work, and most importantly, played Assassins Creed II - this series of games are by far the most outstanding ones when it comes to quality, innovation, productivity, but also fall under several different categories. AWESOME game.

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