Good night

Today's been one of those days you just, even though I'm atheist, thank god for. Another lazy day with plenty of coffee and some fun food cooking. Did though however work for 5 hours but which was also spent together with Casey, she's now also back in the office doing scanning while I was doing my regular dispatch shift.
Came home and found some friends just playing FIFA and it seriously amazed me cuz no one here, seriously no one, plays FIFA besides these amazing people. Why am I telling you this? Well, pretty much 50% of the time I spend with my true swedish pals is FIFA time so lets cred the americans for ones on that one :)
Anyhow, tomorrow awaits a huge world geography exam as well as another 3h class, then back home for another 5h of dispatching, hopefully Casey will come in and scan as I'm working. And the weekend will be just AWESOME; birthday weekend is coming up. Im turning 22 on Monday so I'm guessing a lot of dinners and partying. More on that later but here's a pic from Lake Tahoe.. goodnight <3


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