Choice spoke YES

We (Marcus & Victor) have been two lazy slackers. The two of us have had plenty of other activities filling our days instead of blogging. However, one might dispute and ask "what better activity is there than blogging?", well, quite frankly; THERE ISN'T.
So, here we are and we are ready to step inside the blogosphere and rap this shit up. Deliveries are very much going to be up to date and per ush, this blog is primarily focusing on news-breaks, entertainment/media both video and still, as well as other stuff like personal bias etc etc..
Things have definitely changed in our lives, I'm not gonna blabber about anything in ultimate detail but to be short there have certainly been a few changes since we were last up and running. For one, I'm now at California State University Northridge, I just made my transfer from College of the Canyons were I got my AA in Liberal Arts and Sciences. For now I'll let that be all so I'm not completely giving it all up. SO; WE ARE BACK, and very excited about returning to your eyes and ears.


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