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Victor has been keeping up with the real blogging deal; posts here and there and they're blogalicious! I am so proud of being a part of this blog and just to mention, I am so proud of my best friend Victor Lohse! Also, another statement I'd love to make is that Victor and I have been best friends for ages. We have such a long history together and I can tell you this, it is the best of histories friends could ever share. You couldn't really say we grew up together but we've certainly grown together as more than just best friends. We were a team the first day we saw each other, I personally remember the very first time I met him. 3rd grade and we were both in separate "middle-school divisions". Victor and I had been introduced way before this but it was time for Victor to switch into the better part of our middle-school class. It was done, and Victor and I have been best friends ever since. 
Why I am writing you guys this stuff is just simply due to the fact that I really just love him so much. I don't think any person out there loves his best friend as much as I do. It's getting kinda gay so Ima leave it at this. 
Anyhow, California State Northridge is pouring me homework, and to be frank, school is tough. University is really a lot of fun but now, after almost two and a half years of it, I can really say it truly is A LOT. 
I can't wait to go back home to Sweden to all my loved ones and let's hope, the snow! Here in cali you don't really experience the various semesters but get hot ass summers and cool winters all year around. Sweden is such an awesome place to be when it comes to experiencing the different seasons, you really do get freezing cold winters and hot ass summers=amazing. 
So, New York for new years with Casey and some awesome friends and then back home to hang with family and friends in Sweden for a couple of weeks. Then, back to spring 2013 semester for full-time journalism.
A lot of words this post, probably due to the fact I haven't really been "up-to-date" on my blogging but there will be a difference, just hang on and you'll see it for yaself. 

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