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for now I'm coming home! December 12th is the date, there are no words that could explain how freakishly amazing it's gonna be. Winter and Christmas etc. in Sweden, my sister just gave birth to a son, Anton, this day is just outstandingly amazing. Winter's obviously going to be filled with just hanging out with friends and family as well as spending xmas eve in Gothenburg with sis and her family, plenty of just browsing the cities, modeling, bar-hopping, parties, gloegg and pepparkaka, there's just way to much but it's without a doubt going to be one of the most amazing winters, probably ever.
On the other hand, however, VIRCUS has been keeping it's promises and giving you all constantly updates on news, events, media, fashion, and much more, this is only going to increase in more posts so tighten your seatbelts, we're expecting heavily winds consisting of pictures, news, inspiration, and all of this in EXTREMELY LARGE AMOUNTS. The only thing we truthfully care about, is you, our fellow readers, so keep checking us out and spread the word of VIRCUS's major return to the blogosphere. Winter is coming, get ready.
Since the awesome mood given due to today's happenings, I will glady share another picture-cloud for you, enjoy.


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