Gary Johnson

We all know that President Barack Obama and his doctrine is governing the pop. within the U.S borders, but for how long? Now, people are starting to look at future candidates and one of the official upcoming presidental candidates the pop. of the U.S. will be able to vote for in the upcoming presidential election in November 2012.
Here, however, some pretty outstanding candidates will be taking place, one of whom I have read some heavy materials about, Gary Johnson.
Gary Johnson's platform is as follows
  • Gay Rights
  • Immigration
  • Drug Policy Reform
  • A Woman's Right to Choose
  • Ending the Wars
So, for you who aren't familiar with what the platforms of the candidates stand for, is means just that, what they stand for. So, in Gary Johnson's case, college students are one of the audiences he will attract with this kind of platform. All I can say, hello Gary Johnson, good luck Democrats.


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