One of the very many original thinkers, Carl Marx, derives his thoughts and believes from some very intriguing, yet extremely interesting but still simple ways of thinking. He is a genious of the simple, he concludes what, and how a society should consist of and therefore, work for a better future. Anyways, to skip the bullshit, he is one out of many who has introduced how capitalism (the system used in the U.S) is somewhat terrible in order for a democracy to be surrounding the population. First of all, a democracy is a system where every one is treated as equals. This is the system every nation should apply to btw.. Socialism with it's so called free "health-care-system" and many more profitable, nationwide, aspects of how socialism is better than capitalism.
Sweden and most of Europe is and by their political as well as economical systems better than the U.S.
Wanna argue against me?


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