feelin sick?

Yessir, I've gotten sick. It literally sucks but honestly, a few days in bed with a bunch of movies isnt that terrible. Get my energy going and I'll rise quickly. Have had a couple of nice skype dates the last couple days as well, Victor and I are constantly trying to improve in our blogosphere as well as getting some neat ideas pinned down for summer. Its gonna be a hell of a summer thats for sure. Also, I'm leaving for Hawaii, Maui in about 10 days, can't effin' wait for that either. Some pretty great things are happening even though I'm just sitting in bed waiting for my body to rid the germs that got me sick.
FYI, my hockeyteam became national champions in Michigan not more than 3 weeks ago. Take a look at this short video reflecting our season as well as some history behind the hockey team of College of the Canyons.
COC National Champions


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