You gotta LOVE L.A.

How could a place fit so many activities and places of interest at the same time? California has everything that anyone would like to have in their lives, environmentally speaking. It is home to the world's capital of entertainment and having the option of checking out Downtown L.A at night, taking your significant other to 3rd Street, cruising along the impossibly long beaches, going over to either one of the four amusement parks like Six Flags, Disneyland, Universal Studios, or Knotts Berry Farm. The shopping is impossible due to the decision making of where to go since there's probably more than 50 huge malls around L.A, or famous boulevards like Robertson, Melrose, Hollywood etc. Wanna see a movie on IMAX screen? It is now in every single movie theatre around California. Coming across one or more celebrities while walking the streets downtown or around Melrose, The Chinese Theatre, The Getty, or Griffith Observatory is very common. Seing every single location from every single movie ever created, daily, is something you just get used to and really, it is not that great. The last thing I would ever do is to brag about this city, regardless of all it's bad sides like drug use, crime rates etc. Being extreme is the thing, you gotta love it though, I mean, everyone loves L.A.


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