Good evening folks

Vircus has been sure to keep it's promises; especially that one of that posts are frequently and deliberately posted. So, henceforth, and since this is December 1st, for each and every day up until Christmas (dec 25th), both partners of Vircus will deliver a "gift/surprise post", amongst other posts such as pictureclouds, newsbreaks, and much more, of course.
This week has been pretty much dedicated to school, mostly, and other stuff like issues with the car, christmas-gifts browsing, etc.. It's now only 12 days until I step foot on Swedish soil again, and JESUS CHRIST it's going to wonderful seeing everyone again! Especially family and newly arrived family members of my sister's and her husband; Anton :)
The Victoria's secret fashion show was held yesterday evening, presenting a huge collection of new stuff, including several new angels. I know Victor and his obsession with these angels, has already posted a few posts just about this, and i'm sure you all just love it.
Since it's first day of christmas, here's my gift for December 1st.
  • Gift 1 - Midsummer pictures ;)
Merry Christmas <3


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