Spring break

Im currently sitting outside on our balcony looking over the mountains, golf course, and the ocean in Maui, Hawaii. Its about 7.30pm and a cool breeze with the temperature of 25 degrees celsuis. Spending a whole week here, so far, its been absolutely amazing. For you who has not yet visited this exotic island, I strongly suggest you add it to your bucket-list. Time to go sip on some signature hawaiin drinks and try some new free drinks offered by some Budweiser suppliers.
We forgot the camera cord so I wont be able to upload the pictures taken so far but will be the first thing on my agenda when being back in Cali.
I special note to; Victor, Charlie, Jon and Magnus. "Summer is gonna be absolutely unforgetable, I cant wait to get back and trust me, like mentioned before every summer, it's without a doubt gonna be the best summer ever. Love you all!


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