Factual proof of entertainment

Aren't we all blessed with the beauty of the world itself? There are so many great things out there that you know of, however, what you dont know is that there are GREATER things where you havent looked. Experience as much as possible for life is short, dont skip out on trying different jobs here and there, socializing with strangers, open up like never before, work out like never before, write a book, listen to new music, see a movie you hate, it might be something worth your time. Trust me, you might wanna start living for real.
On a greater scale of attention, Sweden is sure coming up soon. Five weeks almost, and then finally back with friends and family. I literally can't wait. School is a pain-in-the-but right now, grades are good and all but it's certainly a struggle. Having that in mind, keeping up with around 40h of work every week is not really easy, anyways, it pays off and also. Can't wait for my modelling career to start up pretty soon as well. Cheers people.
Pictures are coming up on a regular basis so make sure you check em' out. Also, when arrived in Sweden, freshly pressed pics of me and Victor will be landing here on VIRCUS.


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