Let's have a toast for the douchebags.....

Kanye Wests new album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is being released and is gonna reach all releasing locations by November 22, 2010. It's not only gonna rock the whole world nor convert every single Taylor Swift fan into Kanye West fans but it's also gonna pro in sorting out the real douchebags, assholes, scumbags and jerkoffs, and how? well it's pretty simple... The ones opposing this legend to many as an artist is just one of them, so spread the word because it's gonna blow up in the atmosphere of golden hits.
Anyhow, my weekend was pretty nice with everything from two hockey games, late night dinner, amazing breakfasts, Paranormal Activities 2, and jackass 3D.
Played Sacramento State on Friday and won with 13-4 with two minutes on my side in the penalty box. Then we played UC Davis on Saturday night and won that game with 12-2 with another 2 minute penalty for a surprising "semi-highstick" which the "douchebag" very well deserved.
News of the week; A 18 year old Santa Barbara City College student was killed by a great white while boogieboarding the waves down in SB, we should all listen and learn from this tragedy and give this young boy a moment of silence, RIP.

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Marcus, I keep reading your posts and you're a great writer. I love reading your stuff <3

2010-10-28 @ 05:31:17

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