X-mas 2010

is gonna be epic. No one could ever figure out how crazy excited one could be for Christmas. Thinking about all the nights with my family and my boys, girlfriend and her family sitting and listening to christmas songs while sipping that steaming hot cup of Gloegg with a bottom filled with almonds and raisins. It's pitch black outside, you can't see anything but all the christmas lights in the windows and the streetlights, children playing in the snow while the whole family is dancing and having fun while decorating the REAL christmas tree. Victor is playing his favorite christmas songs, charlie is playing his, jon is playing his and magnus is playing his, but when we get together we never argue about what to play, we just sit there and enjoy the heat from the inside after coming in from having a snowball war or from skating on the water frozen court right up the street.
Anyways, this winter is being spent with the closest of all, Casey, family & friends and this time in Sweden, Karlstad.
If you have any good memories of past Christmases, write 'em all down in the comments.
Today, it's been a good day with school, food and chiropractor, rounding it off with some christmas songs and Casey's choice of movies; Harry Potter, this due to the pre-booked tickets I got for us for this upcoming friday to go see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 in an IMAX Theatre.
COC Cougars play UCSB home on Friday, away on Saturday so please come see us beat the asses of those wannabees.


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