Veterans Day

So tomorrow is a major celebration day for the veterans here in the U.S. No school so get to sleep in and just the thought about it drives me nuts. Had a great day which kind of opened with a skype conversation with my main pals, sitting in the middle of the cafeteria, talking to my peers from back home, it's insane how bad i miss 'em all. Anyways, I've had a little breakthrough today and finally for the first time, I'm going for journalism. So stoked and excited about the whole idea itself, you know how I love writing (charlie)..... No but seriously, I'm going for Journalism as my major but still doing Business but as a minor. This will be my final call on my future education and it just feels amazing. Changing the subject, it's down to only 32 days now, HOMECOMING is not only pounding my eardrums but it's freakin right on the door step. It's so close now and no one could imagine how excited I am to finally come back to my friends and family. Someone also told me it's gonna be the coldest winter in 2000 years, insane.
Todays quote;
"SAS kommer inte överleva"
"Man fick båda sina ben amputerade av misstag"
World Peace \/


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