He's a joyous man

Busybusybusy..... That's all I'm saying for the next couple weeks. Although the past weekend was a lot of fun, received a hard tackle right to my chest, open ice while I was staring at the puck. Unfortunately I woke up a couple seconds later, remember nothing but being choked by my own blood coming from the bite marks I all of a sudden had on my face. Basically, I was knocked out. Didn't play after that tackle so went upstairs and had myself a couple of beers to ease the pain. After that me, Casey, Megan, Cody, Alex, Alex and Casey went and saw the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 1, it was so good we went and saw it again late on saturday night. Before that, we celebrated Luke's 20th birthday, all my homies came down from Santa Barbara and we partied for a while, twas great to see them all again, next time = Thanksgiving (this Thursday). Still suffering from my back pain and the concussion the tackle caused, went and spent most of today at the ER, ended up with being subscribed Vicodin...
Thursday this week is one hell of a celebration day for the Fat and Friendly Americans. Everyone gets together for a nights celebration with food like turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy, stuffing and pumpkin pie, everything being washed down our throats with heavy alcohol.
Finals are coming up and it's gonna get ridiculously busy. Next week we leave for Arizona and Flagstaff where we play NAU, leave friday and coming back sunday. Week after that we leave for Colorado on Thursday where we play CSU and are coming back on Sunday the 12th. On that following Monday, Casey and I finally take off for Sweden. It's gonna be so amazing sitting down on that flight knowing were all done with school, no more work and a break from hockey, AMAZING.
That'll be all for tonight, enjoy and get some sleep people.


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