Schulman show - I'm sexy and I know it

So, I'm pretty sure you've all gotten the idea of this "international blog" is that I (Marcus) write in english and my companion (Victor) posts his in swedish. Why I'm mentioning that is that I'm pretty sure my American peers have no god namn clue who this "stud" is. Well, it's about a show, Schulman Show (can be found @ schulmanshow), and the reason I'm blogging about this is just cuz the fact of that it's hilarious. I've watched a few episodes now and I gotta give it to him; it's pretty darn funny! However, I do have to make a comment on how he looks. He's not bad looking but it's just that he's not really attractive either. It kinda looks his teeth are being pushed forward in a way it looks hilarious. You'll see them on a picture below, wow.
Here are some other very attractive pictures of this gorgeous man
FYI: Pictures are not mine and I hope Mr. Schulman doesn't see this post in person (haha)


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