should we live for the weekends? I think yes

You know, there's just way to many party-poopers in our world today. I mean, just freakin go out there and make something out of yourself, matter to people, care for our world. Btw, I'm certainly not one of those "woah our world is so green and so polutionized", but seriously, to all you people sitting at home thinking about whether or not to wear your slippers to the kitchen to grab another one of those energy bars cuz that's how you keep yourself awake. C'mon now.
We really just need to be active, that's all :)
So, what's goin on this weekend? Recently just got out of class and is now enjoying a cup of black coffee here at the Newhall Coffee House. The fourth of the Twilight series movie comes out tonight, Breaking Dawn, and I can guarantee you I will watch it at least a couple of time within the next couple weeks. So, weekend is now starting and I just recieved an A+ on my speech in coms class, argued in favor of Universal Health Care, at the end of my speech, the 26% opposing this view, 90% of them had changed their minds, pretttty satisfied. Leaving for Sushi in about an hour and then we'll go from there.


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