So, I came to the conclusion of that I personally drank about 140oz of coffee yesterday. There's a true bond between me and the intake of coffee, regularly, on a daily basis. Calculated on it, and if that result (140oz/day) would remain the same for a period of 20 years, I would have reached an amount of 235,200oz of the glorious beverage. It is also to be drunk black, a true coffee lover drinks his/hers coffee black.
Anyways, it is today raining in pretty much all of SoCal and for those who dislikes the rain, pitty, but for me, who loves the rain, yeah you know what I'm saying. Memories where me and Charlie would slip 'n slide and boggie-board down the hill on the golfcourse attached to the backyard comes along and makes me somewhat sad, I miss my true peers back home, insanely.
For you who didn't know, George W Bush is seen as the worst president in all of US history, him and some of the Bush ad. can't even travel into Spain, Germany, Switzerland etc. without being arrested for crimes against humanity. Fun facts, but how sad is it? The X-President of the world can't even travel wherever he pleases to, without being held against will and put behind bars.


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