December, 4.
Today's been pretty productive to be honest with you, spent most of the day just surviving on the black beverage and doing christmas shopping. Pretty sure I got what I need atm, there are just a few more interesting presents to get before I can actually sit down and do the most fun part, wrapping. Last night, I made Swedish Meathballs for the Newhall Coffee House were they were sold with mashed potatoes, gravy, and of course, lingonberries. Made well over a hundred of them and we actually pretty much sold out, success - I say yes ;) Then back home for some mingle with friends and such.
In case you didn't notice, which I hope you didn't - I did not blog yesterday, a disgrace really. I was caught up with too much work and other stuff I just did never have the time, it's being made up for in today's posts of course :)
So, since no December 3rd christmas gift was given from my side of VIRCUS, YOU WILL GET TWO TODAY, WIIHOO :)
Merry December, 4 to you all.

Merry Christmas <3


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