So, whilst being back in my hometown and country, there has not been anything more than just enjoyment, pleasure, and gratitude for finally being back. To recap what's happened so far, well except for jet-lagging pretty hard - I've been pretty occupied with hanging with friends and family, of course. But just simply being with them is exactly what I want and need, and whilst studying in the states, it's exactly what I miss - so, OBVIOUSLY, that comes first. There is just way to much to come and if you keep an eye on us here at VIRCUS, you'll experience a very merry christmas as well as A LOT of pictureclouds, newsbreaks, and much much more.
And remember, VIRCUS ent. loves you <3
Hope what-ever holidays you are experiencing is treatin' u well!
sry for all the "touching-my-face", but who cares... :)


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