To bad for the liberal U.S

As you all know, the United States was founded by a number of so called "founding fathers", they were all in agreement of that United States is to be set up on a liberalists perspective and through that, maintain and order around the thought of the enlightenment. Anyways, every single aspect of life that were set up by the fouding fathers, are all gone. What I'm trying to say is that United States is in a deep pile of shit, presently, due to what some presidents have done with it. It's true, and as you all know, George W. Bush cheated so persistently throughout the entire 2004 election and just by going over some of the few things he did, shocks you and makes you ask yourself the question: how can a country be so insanely corrupt and non-functioning as the United States?
I just feel so upset and angry of the ways politics and democracy is dealt with in the US, give me some thoughts on this please!
Anyhow, summer is so close I can barely resist to wait, Sweden is coming up shortly with it and it is gonna be one hell of a summer ya'll.
All for now, Ciao.


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