The newscloud 4/27


Why Being Rejected Hurts Like A Punch To The Face

Being rejected sucks, but can it physically hurt? Kinda. Turns out your brain equates the pain of rejection with actual bodily injury.


5 Hidden Clues A Woman Is Cheating On You

We asked a couple of private investigators who can spot a cheater like it's their job — because it is — for telltale signs that a woman is cheating on you.


How Not To Get Her Back

Shockingly, winning back your ex becomes far more difficult if you insult her new boyfriend, destroy her possessions, or recite vulgar poetry.


How To Read Her Body Language

She might be too nice to flat out tell you to get lost, but her body language could be asking you to do just that. Find out if she's attracted to you by interpreting what she's nonverbally saying.


11 Awful Things That Happened on Valentine’s Day

February 14th is traditionally marked by fancy dinners, gifts, and derivative ensemble dramedies. But should wereallybe celebrating Valentine's Day?


7 “Romantic” Movies To Watch With Her On Valentine’s Day

Don't get stuck watching movies you know you'll hate on Valentine's Day. Instead, suggest renting a deceptively girly sounding movie that, in reality, kicks major ass.


How Not To Lose To a Woman

A woman won't think less of you if she beats you while playing sports or Russian roulette. But she will be mad if you don't deal with it like a man ….

Natalie Portman

5 Secrets For Having a Friend With Benefits

How do you convince a woman to have a No Strings Attached, sex-without-commitment relationship with you? Excellent question. So we asked a woman to give us the answers.


Love Advice From Spokesmodels

When we got bored at the Consumer Electronics Show, we asked women to forget about touch screens and 3-D and tell us what guys don't know — but should know — about women.


5 Dating Mistakes All Guys Make

You've made these dating mistakes — it's just that women have been too busy rolling their eyes at you to point them out. Until now.


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