Superb over skype with my partner-in-crime (Victor). Futuristic professional blog-owners we are, indeed. There are a few point I would also like to pin down here on VIRCUS blog.
  • Summer '11 - It has been too long since I saw my peers and family, this upcoming summer will, without a doubt, be one of the most amazing summers in history.
  • Just came back from a model-shoot, Beyond the Fringe hair salon wanted me on the cover of their magazine and with different hair-styles on their website, link and updates will be given when informed personally.
  • Thirdly, I must say that I have the best peers in the entire world, as well as my girlfriend Casey. Victor, Charlie, Jon, Magnus, Fredrik, Eric, and many more deserve the attention of true "keepers" when it comes to the friendship relations. They are all outstanding in many ways and I will truly make sure to keep them in my life, for the rest of my existence. Brothers-in-bond for sure. Word of advice, "keep your friends close, dont drive them away".
Finally, I would also like to pin down the very changes we have made here on VIRCUS blog. There are FOUR different categories our posts will in the future "belong" to, or entitled with. They are as follows:
  • The newscloud (local, regional, national news)
  • The picturecloud (pics we have of interest)
  • Media (videos, more pictures, events, random occasions, meets, etc.)
  • Random (personally posted, thoughts & ideas, views & perspectives)


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