The Weekend

Finding myself in trouble with Victor my bman for not posting any sooner than today. Anyways, the last couple days have been passing by like no-time. It's been with other words a very very busy weekend, like always. Friday we all went out to Sushi after Casey's volleyball game and then we all went separate ways for the night. Saturday I worked at woodland hills and this time it was all supposed to get more crowded because of the Lakers Cheerleaders attendance. We were supposed to be their personal body guard while they would sign autographs and hand out pictures to prospective appartment owners. This was in Woodland Hills at the grand opening of KB Home's new appartment complex. I ended up walking the grounds while ben happily ended up being their personal body guard BY CHOICE.
Saturday night we had our opening game against UCSD and won with 13-2. Had two easy points and it was all basically a big joke. Next weekend we're playing UC Davis on Friday night at 7.30pm and then Sacramento State on Saturday night same time and both games at the Valencia Ice Station, you better be there.
Also had a bonfire with some people after the game on saturday and then Sunday after work I went out with the Davids to a brand new restaurant, Wokcano that's right by the mall. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, peace out.


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