Wongs, IN-N-OUT

Everyone knows about the food consumption in America and especially in the U.S. The fast food here is really convenient when you're stressing out or just have a lot to do. Well, my stomach today was filled by first, a powerbar, Wongs for lunch and In-N-Out for "dinner". It's not like it's the first time either but really, I'm in America so what else can I do?
Off topic, we're playing UCSB at home tomorrow Friday the 19th and Saturday were playing UCSB away, same time. Come check it out!
Miss my brothers in arms so badly right now, it's gonna be so amazing seeing them all again soon, about 25 days now
and I really can't help but counting the days, hours and seconds. Not that it's not exciting being here but everyone
who's been away for so long without really seeing their friends and family know what I'm talking about.


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