Just returned back home to amazing cali from the hockey tournament "Clash In the Corn, Iowa". We played the nr1 ranked team in the nation (Hope College) for our first game and won with 5-3, led to news and stats about how us (COC Cougars Hockey) is now the nr1 hockey team in the Nation D3. Second game we played Wyoming College and won with about 9-0. Our third and final game we played the home team Dordt College and the bleachers were packed by nothing but what the town of Sioux Center, Iowa represents, religiousness and passion for god. I'm just saying, living in Iowa must be the worst place to live in. But anyways, we won the Cobs Cup and due to our extremely bad reputation which we completely ignored skated around the rink and celebrated the whole night long at our really fancy hotel in Sioux Center. People started gathering tables from room to room to play beer pong, one person passed out in the hallway on a night stand that randomly ended up in the middle of the corridor. One person got slapped across the face, cops showed up and told us that if he would have to return, we would all end up in jail...... It was all a lot of fun and it wasn't as bad as it sounds like. Sunday finally arrived and we we're all so freakin excited to leave cow country and return to home sweet home. Landed and was picked up by the best girlfriend in the whole world, Casey and her amazing mom. They had stopped for Crispy Cream donuts which is placed right across the street from the Burbank Airport (they literally bought 104 donuts, seriously), half of them are meant to end up at the Coffee House though.
Now I'm just sitting here thinking about returning my brand new laptop and exchange it for a 17" Macbook Pro?
That'll be it for tonight, sorry for not being able to blog as much, hockey has taken up a lot of time lately.

Postat av: Isabelle Moberg

Jag Känner mig ganska creepy att jag kommenterar detta men det var bara så roligt att läsa att Iowa must be the worst place to live in becouse I am living here for my exchange year... xD

2010-11-11 @ 05:35:49

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